TRON and Team JUST

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New Project?!?

Team JUST is excited to announce a new project, codename [ghost3d]. This project will be testing the waters of a new decentralized computing platform outside of the Ethereum network. Justin Sun, founder of TRON, is excited to have us testing out the platform!

Leveraging the TRON Network

Instead of Ethereum, this new project is going to be an exploration of the TRON network. A network that, to many developers, has really started to surprise everyone with the speed and consistency of updates and community building.

The most interesting aspect is simply the consistency and speed of TRX's network. The blocks occur every 3 seconds (compare this to 15 seconds on ETH) which is already a massive speed upgrade to anyone looking to program or play with something reactive.

Team Just is testing some familiar, and many new concepts, mechanics, and systems that weren't combining on Ethereum in the way we had intended. Plus using all the bits and pieces they've learned to make everything more accessible, understandable, and readily playable across as wide of an audience as possible.

But how will this connect to P3D?

You know Team JUST, they've got a little something for everyone, in ways you'll never expect.

But what about Ethereum???

Team JUST is developing many projects on the Ethereum network and will continue to do so. The launch of a project exploring the Tron network is not an indication that they are moving away from Ethereum.

From Justo, core designer of Team JUST:

There's a new third-party organization that is de[v]eloping a project for Ethereum as well. Do not fear for ETH my friends, we simply plan to pop its bubble of innocence and kick it right into paying attention, blockchain technology moves fast. Letting everyone know that TRX has developed a working alternative to Ethereum. That's going to make both communities kick up the pace and start making some beautiful things.

Okay, how do I get ready for the upcoming TRON project?

First, you'll want to read a bit more about TRON and checkout their site.

Second, you'll likely want to pick up a bit of TRON on Binance or another cryptocurrency exchange.

Next, you'll want to setup a TRON wallet to hold any TRON and interact with Tron Dapps:

Other links include:

We hope you all enjoy as Team JUST continues to bring you new projects.