Using the Discord FUD Bot


Table of Contents

You can quickly check the status of your wallet or the contract by using the "FOMO Utilization Device (F.U.D.)" bot.

First, either go to the #botspam channel in discord, or you can send a direct message to ARCDiBot#3235 to send commands more privately.


You can use the following powh commands to check the status:

,powh balance
,powh [address] 
,powh currency [currency]

You can configure your desired currency for all commands with ,powh [currency], for example:

,powh currency USD

This will set the bot to respond to you in USD. You could also use BTC, ETH, GBP, et al. More examples of real commands usage are:

,powh currency GBP
,powh balance
,powh 0x4FE6889ec322BA6B4aEBfa715DD42411F8a1e8aa

You can also type ,help powh into #botspam for more details.

Other Commands

To understand what else this bot can do beyond the powh command, type:


in #botspam to get the full set of functions.


That's all there is to it!