Youtuber's Guide to P3D

Video Tips

(This guide was written by @CryptoKayo, Edited by @CryptoGrandad and @Muggaz.) If you can help us improve, please message @Cryptoknight.

One of the fastest ways to earn P3D tokens is to spread the word amongst family, friends, and colleagues; Other options could be posting around your social media channels such as YouTube or Facebook, but make sure you use your masternode link.

Here are some quick tips on who to target and how:

Targeting and Attracting your Audience

You target the audience by thinking of what they are typing in the search on YouTube.

For example, if you are targeting a company called “Crypto Auto Bot” you would put that at the front of the title of the video and then put something catchy to end it. Like: Crypto Auto Bot Review & the Next Big Wave!

Also, use the same company/program name at the beginning of the video description as well. Then give a call to action to click your POWHs masternode link.

Video Description Example: Crypto Auto Bot is OK. But POWH has even more crypto commission perks without the risks! Click: (give master node)

Keep your description short so they see your link without having to click the See More link.

Of course, there are other groups who will be interested in POWHs:

Target network marketers of various network marketing programs related to crypto (search on Google and YouTube and you will find them). The list is endless. These are your go-to leads to target if you want big results faster.

Configuring your Videos

As stated previously, whatever program or company you are targeting, be sure to mention it in the first sentence of your video. Then mention a few things about it, which you picked up from watching previous videos about the program so the audience knows you know ’something about it’— but quickly move into saying why it’s weak and where it falls short.

That will usually sound something like this: “Crypto Auto Bot” offers great returns and a decent opportunity, but there’s too much risk. It’s not decentralized so you’re relying on people at the top to do the right thing. But what if these just ran off with all the bitcoin like we’ve seen others do so often? Then what? That’s why I’ve left all those programs behind and moved to POWHs, which is decentralized… now go into benefits. Then end with a call to action to click the link below and check it out.

If you do these simple steps you can rack up HUGE commissions paid to you in P3D.

Wrapping Up

Winners in this game have thick skin. Winners never care what people say or think. There will always be negative and hurtful comments, just delete them and move on or even block them. Who cares... No one ever got anywhere without some type of hatred but never let that stop you from achieving success. Go get‘em. POWHs solves a lot of problems for millions of people who have been shilling Lending Platforms and MLM’s that are rubbish and even scammed out. Go talk to those audiences and lead them to glory.